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Quad Fluorescence

Upgrade Your Stereo Microscope To a Quad Fluorescence System

Kramer Scientific, the worldwide leader in microscopy technology, has systems to upgrade your stereo microscope to full functionality, as well as systems with liquid light interface. We can help you choose the system that is right for your lab and research.

Fluorescence Cubes

Quad Stereo Fluorescence Illuminator

We invented and patented the Quad Stereo Fluorescence Illuminator to upgrade standard CMO stereo microscopes to full fluorescence functionality with ease. The Quad is well known throughout the fluorescence community as the best fluorescence adapter to add to your standard stereo system, including:

• Zeiss™ • Nikon® • Olympus® • Leica™


The Quad Fluorescence Illuminator holds up to four patented two-dichroic-mirror fluorescence cubes for clear, bright, and even fluorescent images. We offer an extensive set of filters made by Chroma® for your fluorescence needs. Our illuminator is sold separately with models to fit standard stereo microscopes from Olympus, Leica, Nikon, and Zeiss. This system can be adapted to your choice of light source.