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As global leaders in fluorescence microscope products, our team at Kramer Scientific is trusted worldwide for the best in research-enhancing features and applications. From optical technology expertise to mechanical engineering of microscopic advancements, we continue to expand the capabilities for researchers, scientists, and students around the world.

Loran Faber

Lothar Faber

Lothar Faber, inventor and consultant of Kramer Scientific LLC, has over 50 years of expertise in designing and engineering microscope systems. He started in the early 1960s in a microscopy apprenticeship program at Reichert, Austria. At the time Lothar came to the US in 1964 with Reichert, he was selling microscopes out of the back of his station wagon. He later worked for the E Leitz company for five years before joining the Kramer team in 1983, where he has been ever since. Lothar holds patents on designs for fluorescence and IVF microscope systems and has collaborated with three Nobel Prize winners in developing custom-made microscope systems.

Alan K. Porter

Alan K. Porter

Alan grew up in the machine tool business, with a family legacy going back well over a century to H.K. Porter Co., makers of compound fulcrum bolt-cutters and shears. There are even a set of H.K. Porter cutters on the moon, brought and left by one of the Apollo missions as a backup system to cut cables before the pod blasted off to reunite with the orbiting capsule. Alan has spent the last 23 years as the owner of Merrimac Tool Inc., which has long-standing contracts for precision machining, engineering, and assembly services all over the world. Merrimac is known for Items used in the medical industry, metrology tools in the semiconductor industry, solar electric generation, and other highly engineered products. The connection with Kramer Scientific started over a decade ago, when Merrimac Tool became a primary contractor for the fabrication of the M2BIO and the Pentafluor Fluorescence Illuminator, now sold through Zeiss.