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M2Bio Fluorescence System
for Genetic Research and Cell Biology Study

M2Bio Fluorescence System for Genetic Research and Cell Biology Study

The M2Bio is the original hybrid stereo-compound fluorescence microscope available to customers worldwide from Kramer Scientific. It is the go-to microscope for genetic research, cell biology, neuroscience, and developmental biology. The continuous zoom capabilities in both stereo and compound make it perfect for transgenic sorting and observation needs. While copied by others, the M2BIO still offers the best value and flexibility for those needing true stereo for picking with a compound light path for resolving more faint fluorescence markers.


This microscope was designed to flawlessly transition between stereo macro and compound micro imaging capabilities. The ergonomics of this popular microscope offer time management improvements. This means that you will be able to study your subjects at one machine for many of your applications, making general research more convenient.

•Kramer’s original hybrid system combines compound, stereo and fluorescence
capabilities all into one system.

•Offering both transmitted light and fluorescent light for both stereo and
high magnification all in one instrument.

• Available foot pedal accessory for hands free transmitted light operation.

• Nosepiece design offers one stereo lens and two high magnification
lenses, high resolution objectives.

• Integrated with Zeiss SteREO Discovery optics, this system offers exceptional depth of field.

• The patented five position fluorescence illuminator has a unique design
that offers bright fluorescence images that are clear and even in color.
The illuminator holds up to 5 fluorescence cubes at one time that are ergonomically changeable with an easy finger swipe.

•Offers erect and upright images that are ideal for sorting, picking, tagging
and sample manipulation.


INV Bio-Microscope System

Our INV-Microscope System is an inverted version of the M2Bio Fluorescence Microscope. It features an ergonomically efficient stage that makes manipulation of your subject easy. An optional heated stage is available upon request. The INV-Bio also offers a four-position fluorescence turret system with 3mm liquid light guide interface to offer fluorescence for your applications. The INV-Bio system contains DIC use for 3D cross-section, such as viewing capability through both plastic and glass Petri dishes.